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Protection, Prevention, & the Illusion of Controversy

Protection, Prevention, & the Illusion of Controversy

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COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus

March 2nd, 2020 UPDATE

Protection, Prevention, & the Illusion of Controversy

Dear Friends,

The COVID-19 Coronavirus is now reaching a stage of controversy. Some say it’s an internet hoax, and others are saying it needs to be taken seriously. There’s an old Sufi saying, “Love everybody (hoax or not), but tie up your camel (follow the prevention protocol).” This means we must act preventatively. My position as a former lieutenant commander in the Public Health Service is to give advice that will make people healthier (if I’m wrong) and save lives (if I’m right).

The best we can tell is that in the USA there is evidence that a few people are coming down with this COVID-19, who haven’t been to China or even out of the country. This does suggest that it spreads from person to person and is airborne – through sneezing, coughing, saliva, and feces. The CDC says they haven’t proven the spread in the US; however, it’s very hard to prove the spread of anything if you’re not testing. It’s an oxymoron. If you don’t test, you can’t prove what’s going on. I believe, as of today, they’ve started testing. There seems to be some controversy in different elements of the government. For example, the State Department insisted that people exposed to the coronavirus could enter the country without being quarantined [from the Diamond Princess cruise ship], despite opposition from the CDC. The rumor is that President Trump was upset by the State Department’s decision. Whether people are simply not thinking or are acting maliciously, at the end of the story, is irrelevant because it’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves. That’s why I developed this protocol for protection against the coronavirus.

On the topic of malicious intent, however, it does turn out that the nations with the most advanced 5G roll-outs also have the highest incidence of COVID-19 cases. This includes clear statistical evidence of these populations having the highest disease and death rates. It has been observed that those nations with the most powerful 5G networks are having the biggest outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus to date. It is well-known that 5G not only is associated with higher rates of depression, paranoia, and anxiety, but also higher rates of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. There are over 10,000 studies showing that 4G is associated with decreased immune system function and chronic disease. Researchers are also claiming that 5G is 100 times more potent than 4G, so it’s no surprise that 5G would be associated with higher morbidity, vulnerability, and mortality from the weaponized coronavirus. It’s also possible that 5G could specifically activate the pathological potentialities of the virus. Although this is probable speculation, it still brings us back to prevention with an additional point – The importance of fighting against 5G wherever they threaten to roll it out, for our sakes and the sake of humanity.

Another example of this type of thinking is that research from the well-respected Lancet out of England shows that people should be quarantined at least 24 days, while others are saying it should be 1 month. However, we’re releasing people into the public after only 14 days of quarantine, if they are quarantined at all. It’s not clear who’s making these unscientific decisions, but brings us back to the fact that it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves. The estimates are that if we really take care of ourselves, and/or with hospital treatment, the fatality rate is between .04-2% depending on age and degree of wellness. The worst, which increases with age and lack of proper health and hygiene, could be 15-18% fatality rate. Kids under 10 seem to be quite safe with a projected fatality rate of .04%. The bottom line, again, is that we have the ability to protect ourselves from this, and there’s no need to go into fear. Even though some are saying, “No problem – It’s minor”, it would be a major mistake not to take the proper hygiene and anti-viral nutritional protocol precautions as outlined in my Coronavirus Protection Protocol. Love everyone, and tie up your camel. By following this approach there’s no need to go into fear, as fear undermines the immune system. Being at peace and in a state of love builds the immune system.

We have choices, and may you be blessed to make the choices that protect you and your family.

Blessings to your health, wellbeing, and spirit.

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), ND(hc), DD,

Dip. American Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine, Dip. Ayurveda

COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus Prevention Protocol

When flying or traveling I recommend 2 essential oil blends:

Immortal Immune – to put on the tops of your feet before bed and upon waking.

Germs-Be-Gone – to spray on surfaces (such as airplane seats and tables)

Recommended Homeopathics:




Influenzinum 200c to 1m

Include the following herbs and foods

in your diet to protect you from COVID-19:

The basic mechanism of infection is that the virus latches onto the cell’s surface. As many laboratories around the world have noted, COVID-19 is weaponized with an HIV delivery system. First noted in India, it is highly likely this is a human virus weaponized with an HIV delivery system and also a SARS-like upper respiratory component. At this point, even some officials from communist China are saying it was accidentally leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan. Some have said that the virus enters through an ACE2 receptors on the cell wall membrane, and, supposedly, Asian people have 5 times more ACE2 receptors than other populations. Others are saying it may be more race-specific with the Japanese and Chinese people being the most susceptible. Older people are statistically dying the most, and no fatalities have been reported for children under 10 years old.

The virus enters the cell via a vesicle called an endosome. Once inside, it releases its RNA into the cell cytoplasm and hijacks the cell machinery to produce more viral proteins and thus virus. It also releases an enzyme called 3CL (3-chymotripsin-like protease). This enzyme attacks the cells defense mechanism against the coronavirus inhibitors.

The following herbal remedies that are suggested destroy the 3CL enzyme and thus protect the cell’s ability to protect itself against the coronavirus. The best for destroying the 3CL enzyme is quercetinand epigallocatechin gallate, which is found in green tea and green tea extract we carry (to add to other beverages). These anti-3CL substances are also found in:

· flax seed

· citrus peel

· tickberry leaves

· orange peel

· oregano

· garlic

· ginger

· elderberry

· turmeric

Essential Oils to protect you from COVID-19:

Shanti and I have decided the most important essential oils, which were key for prevention and healing during the bubonic plague are:

· eucalyptus

· clove

· grapefruit

· cinnamon

· tea tree

· lemon grass

· frankincense

· Immortal Immune

· Germs-Be-Gone

Add these into your overall prevention system. The key concept is prevention. Rub on top of feet, wrists, and chest.

Let’s use this situation to improve our

overall health habits and wellbeing by:

1) Deepening our connection with God.

2) Getting enough sleep.

3) Minimizing stress.

4) Staying hydrated.

5) Associating with loving people.

6) Exercising moderately.

7) Doing breathing exercises everyday (pranayama).

8) Eating high raw and eating 100% vegan.

9) Utilizing my Wuhan Coronavirus Protection Protocol.

The healthier you are and the more proactive steps you take, you minimize your chances of catching and/or dying from the coronavirus.

To protect and enhance our natural immunity, here is my current Wuhan COVID-19 Protection Supplement Protocol:

Illumodine – 20 drops in a glass of water 3 times daily (15 minutes or more away from food) (Iodine has been shown to destroy SARS and MRSA viruses and, in its atomic form [Illumodine] is probably the most powerful antiviral on the planet.)

Nano Silver – 1 teaspoon twice daily (Nano Silver has been shown to destroy SARS and MRSA viruses.)

Red Algae – 2 capsules twice daily such as on waking and bedtime (away from food). Red algae is extremely anti-viral.

Illumodine, Nano Silver, and Red Algae are the top 3 antivirals.

Mega Defense – 4 capsules twice daily (for building and protecting the immune system)

Antioxidant Extreme – 2 capsules twice daily

Licorice Root – take as tea or tincture once daily (for lung protection)

Vitamin D – 2,000 IU daily (for building the immune system)

Vitamin A – 25,000 IU daily (for protecting our upper respiratory mucus membranes and lining)

Vitamin C – as much as you can take before diarrhea



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